RE work is all commercial these days, and is still a mere side venture. The world of signal analysis has far much more to offer.

UNIX on the X86-64 Laptop
GDB Made Useful
Objdump Made Useful
Linux on the Half-ELF
ASM Intro
SoftICE Intro
Disassembler Intro
IDA Intro
Linux Tale 1: Beginning
Linux Tale 2: Advanced
Linux Tale 3: Shell Scripting
APJ: Using the GNU 'as' Assembler
APJ: Using ioctl()
APJ: Loadable Kernel Modules
APJ: x86 ASM Programming For Linux
APJ: Linked Lists in ASM
APJ: Extending NASM
APJ: SMC Techniques, The Basics
APJ: Splitting Strings
APJ: Stack Frames and High-Level Calls
APJ: X-Windows in Assembly Language Part I
APJ: X-Windows in Assembly Language Part II
APJ: Using Menus in Xt
Decompiling a string manipulation routine
Reading Files into Linux Kernel Memory
Hooking Interrupt and Exception Handlers in Linux
The Dude Paper
"Mammon_'s Guide to Writing Disassemblers in Perl, You Morons!"

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From the trenches...

08/06/09: 5 years already?
A quick update is perhaps in order.

05/03/09: RIP Fravia
Thus passes the spirit of RE.

08/19/07: *(NULL)
Semi-retirement is supposed to be relaxing!

05/18/05: libdisasm .21 prerelease
Still much more to be done

05/08/05: Page truncated
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than g'dam web pages.

04/22/05: RIP Dr Marvel
A great man, a great loss; he will be sorely missed.

02/19/04: Objdump made useful
A set of objdump wrappers is now online

01/15/04: APJ Revival
Half-hearted attempt to revive APJ

12/22/03: Size 64
The trials and tribulations of owning an Athlon 64 laptop are now underway.

12/07/03: Scrap heap
The design goals of the bastard have changed significantly; a redesign is underway.

11/12/03: Fun with kernel panics
Work has once again commenced on the DUDE.

08/16/03: Oh yeah, .17
Almost forgot to point out that Bastard .17 has been released.

06/21/03: Libdisasm MK II
The old library has a new, more powerful API

04/26/03: Binary amusement
Witness the 4000 year old timesink

03/14/03: GDB made useful
The 'cracker friendly' gdb config file is now online

02/04/03: Still no .17
Working on bda and GDL output

12/04/02: Gearing up for .17 release
In related news, you become what you drink

08/12/02: Labyrinthine page structure abandoned
"Not my fault!" says Laziness

07/??/02: Eccentrica.org taken offline
Hanoi Chan, World Crime League not available for comment

06/??/02: Hcunix back online
Logs point to anonymous 'denial of payment' attack